(Tortoise Table) Best ways to contain heat and humidity?


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Jan 29, 2019
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I haven’t been here in someeee time huh.
I’m about to welcome myself back with a lovely little ramble about things nobody asked about, which are only half relevant to the point of this post because boy do I love typing nonsense.

I’m making some changes to my tortoise’s enclosure, out of worry of his lacking growth and whether or not it is due to his environment. Over the winter I’ve tried throwing aluminium/baking foil over the top of the enclosure, neatly tucking it over the arm holding up the ceramic heat emitter, and two smaller ones down the side of the enclosure, leaving a gap in the middle of the enclosure so there isn’t an overheating issue, whilst also making sure more of the heat and humidity is retained (Also to not… Suffocate him. I’d think that’s quite important too). Which appeared to work a bit, as I found he was more active and demanding of food during this time.

I’ve been thinking about getting a vivarium, but if I’m to get one I’d want to get as large as possible as soon as possible, looking at spending hundreds to ensure it will last him years (With routine cleaning, and safety checks of course). I have a leopard tortoise, which I understand has a lower tolerance for temperature drops, especially in such a gloomy place as the UK, and so I do think shifting him to a vivarium would benefit him and assist in his growth. Covering the tortoise table will only be a temporary solution therefore.

So yeah, went off on a tangent and over explained a tad (neurodivergence innit). But - TL;DR: What tortoise table covering is best to maintain heat and humidity temporarily?
If anyone has any personal preferences I would love to hear of them and your reasons for preferring them too! It’s all really helpful to meeee :)

Thanking you all, and hoping everyone is having a pleasant January thus far!


Nov 10, 2021
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Here is my post on what I found to work. I have a glass tank but I think the same could be made for your tortoise table as well. If you want the specific seller I bought from let me know.



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Jul 16, 2014
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I don't use closed chambers because I'm able to have my torts live outdoors.
However, many keepers are utilizing small greenhouses meant for growing plants.
I like that idea. Though it might limit the size of the enclosure