Tortoise table? How to protect the wood.


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Oct 12, 2016
Hi, how large is she? Females reach sexual maturity at around 6-7 inches.
:D Pine is fine. I'm using it now, and I know some other people who are too. It's cedar that you have to watch out for. Paint on the outside is fine, but I would think on the inside you tort might scratch it off. Also if, you were wondering for health purposes, if you pained the inside, you would just to let it air out a few days. A lot of people (like me :p ) like to put something water resistant on the bottom in the water spills, for misting, and just to keep the bottom clean. Shower curtains work, but a thicker type of plastic is better because she might scratch it when digging. I have a metal top. I'm in the process of building a new one, and I'm making the lid out of small bunny fencing lol. Yes, I don't see why not. russians are good climbers and it could work well. Double layers are great at saving space too, because it's can still be super big, but it a compacted way! It really be any shape, I think a triangle would be cool (for corners and stuff) But mine isn't in a corner :( The thing is the size. Russains need a lot of wander soace, so an adult female can easily need a 6x4 space to live. I have a box on my current (soon to be old yay) table and my russian never used it! He sleeps elsewhere instead. Like in his food bowl. His water bowl. Average places :D You can plant live plants in there to help raise humidity and oxygenate the air (and of course, as a snack) but some plants can't take the heat, and wilt. I have plants in mine, in pots, because my russian killed them all when just had them planted into the soil :rolleyes:
Coco coir is a great choice if your looking to improve your dirt too!
Tom's threads on tortoise care are really great :D
We love pics too :D

This was such a helpful post!!! I have a couple questions that hopefully you can help me with- I am going to build a larger wood enclosure for my Russian Tortoise and was wondering how I should weatherproof the wood since I will be keeping the enclosure outdoors, any ideas?? I know about putting a shower curtain to line the bottom, underneath her substrate, but what should I do to weatherproof the actual wood? I know some chemicals can be toxic. Thank you in advance!!!!

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