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Emily Contreras

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Aug 23, 2018
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Tortoise town is one of the more popular places to get tortoises. Alot of people on this forum have gotten tortoises from this place (Mainly new members.)
Im not a pro at tortoise care. But I want to share what I have learned about tortoise town.
I hope that new members on this forum researching about tortoises see this, because there's a 60% chance that those who ARE researching are looking to get one from tortoise town.

Now lets get into this:
I have read countless threads of people with sick tortoises. And unironically enough, most of them got their tortoises from TORTOISE TOWN. And almost ALL OF THEM end up DYING. I am almost 100% positive these tortoises coming from tortoise town are dry kept, and something is going on that we don't know. They don't give you ANY info on the parents or anything. They aren't gonna stop selling these sickly animals. So I advice you dont get it.
If you are getting a tort from tortoise town, reconsider. There is a high chance it will die. And all of that love and money you incvested into this animal will completely be DESTROYED. There is MUCH safer alternatives. Like you can get a torotise that you know what started well, and taken care of, with no health issues. from this forum. You can go into the "for sale" section. And buy one from here. You do not have to listen to this thread, you can go ahead and do so. but if your tortoise dies, you are going to wish you listened.

Again Im not a pro and I dont really know or care about tortoise town. So you dont have to listen to me. but I mean there is a lot of evidence showing that this place is kind of terrible. Because most of the poeple who got it here have had it dided. but then again, who knows, maybe it was the owners maybe it was the seller who knows.


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Sep 9, 2018
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I ordered two tortoises from Tortoise Town. When they arrived, both have significant pyramiding. I called them and was told they would outgrow it, which I know they won’t but I am trying very hard to keep it from getting worse by providing humidity, warm soaks, proper heat and lighting, and a proper diet. They have other tortoises for sale, and I asked for a picture of the three they had advertised. Now they won’t respond to my emails.

Spread the word: Tortoise Town sells damaged tortoises that have been raised in a dry environment.


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Mar 3, 2019
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I unfortunately fell prey to tortoise town as well. I ordered my baby leopard from tortoise town after reading many positive reviews online. I had done an extensive amount of research on my leopard and made sure her enclosure was perfect and I was feeding her correctly. She never once ate... I contacted tortoise town and told them about the issue. They asked to see pictures of my enclosure and agreed it all looked fine and what I was offering her was correct. However, they clearly sold me a sick baby and unfortunately she died 3 weeks after I got her and never once did I see her eat. DO NOT BUY FROM TORTOISE TOWN.

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