Tortoise Troubles Please Help

Dec 23, 2013
My Sulcata tortoise was enjoying his enclosure and doing well and he has started to not open his eyes and opens them only when he is soaked. He stays in one spot now right where the beam of the heat lamp is the strongest. Please help. Any info would help. He had done this soon after we got him so I am not sure if it is just how he is or something is wrong.

Please Help. Thanks for all of the Help.

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Yes, something IS wrong. I suggest you re-read this thread:

Make sure that your temperatures are where they are supposed to be. You need different temps under the light, at one end and then cooler at the far end...but not cooler than about 78F degrees or so.

Your tortoise shows symptoms of being kept too cold. If you have a moist substrate, then being too cold is a death sentence for a baby sulcata.

So, open your mind to accept what you read, and re-read the linked thread above. It should answer all your questions and help you get your baby healthy again.

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