Tortoise was upside down in water

Stephanie Rae

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Jun 22, 2022
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I came home from work today and my tortoise was upside down in his water. Have no idea how he managed this. He also pooped in his water probably from being stressed and scared. I got him out and he’s lethargic. His entire head was not under water but his head was very wet. Visually okay it seems. He whistled a little when he breathed but that’s going down now a lot. I gave him a little food and he ate it up. So he’s acting okay just lethargic. I’m worried he may have aspirated water, he’s making this chirping noise, which sounds like he is rubbing his beak together which he’s made this noise before but he keeps doing it now. I took a video of the noise but it won’t let me post a video unfortunately. How do I know if he has aspirated water
My Leopard did that while he was little, but he hasn't done it in many years now. I got lucky, he was always on his side, not his back. I hope you tortoise will be ok. *hugs*

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