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Torts R Us

Team Gomberg

5 Year Member
Oct 1, 2012
Location (City and/or State)
Southern Oregon
I just purchased my second leopard tortoise from Torts R Us. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a well started leopard hatchling. The babies are started with humidity and come home active, eating and with hard shells.
2 years ago I bought my first leopard from them and we've stayed in contact over the years. They provide great customer service and produce great leopards.

I'm very happy purchasing from them. The babies are worth every penny!

I give them a 5 star review :D


Active Member
10 Year Member!
Oct 9, 2009
Adam is great! I purchased a sulcata baby from him recently.


New Member
Feb 6, 2018
Location (City and/or State)
77099 (TX)
I bought 3 redfoot babies from him. They were delivered straight to my door. They are all happy and healthy and eating. I have had them a little over a week now and everyone is eating and gaining weight. 2 of them gained 9g last week and one gained 17g! I am very happy with my babies. I would not hesitate to buy from him again or to whole-heartedly recommend him to someone looking to for a new baby.

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