Tortstork Insta-Hatch Egg #44 Review


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Jun 12, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
As I've now had a second, amazing experience with Tortstork's "Insta-Hatch" eggs, I want to write another review to share my experience because it gave me a very cool surprise:

I have to admit this is one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life. It's one thing to get a tortoise, even a hatchling, and raise it. But to have it as an egg, watching it hatch, and caring for it from day one is something I think every tortoise keeper should try. This just motivates me more to get into breeding. To get to have this experience again and again, while allowing me to bring captive-bred tortoises into the world to preserve these beautiful species.

This second egg, a Testudo graeca marokkensis, was smaller than the first egg I hatched, a Testudo horsfieldii. I could not believe a tortoise could be that small. I put it in my incubator, and candled it each night to give Tortstork an update on the expanding airsac. 2 days later, it pipped, on March 29, 2019, and by the end of the weekend it fully hatched.

When it hatched, part of me was beyond excited to see this tiny, new baby tortoise enter the world. The other part of me felt bad for Tortstork...because it turns out this Moroccan Greek hatchling has much darker coloring than normal. It's uncommon and unique. One of those hatchlings that Tortstork would have held back and never sold if they had hatched it. They've never produced a "black" Testudo graeca marokkensis until now, and I ended up hatching it. To have a rare colored baby tortoise makes me feel lucky and blessed. Of course Tortstork is very happy for me, and glad to know they can produce these darker hatchlings.

That's another benefit with an "insta-hatch" never know what you will get! There's no way to see inside an egg and determine what color the hatchling developed into. Any customer could hatch a unique and rare colored tortoise like I did!

I know many folks are skeptical. I've seen the comments and questions. But I've always felt that a book should never be judged by its cover. My second egg purchase from Tortstork was #44. That is 44 eggs they incubated fully and then shipped, and every single one has hatched and is doing well. 100% success. They've got to be doing something right!

These eggs are packed very well, and since the tortoise has fully developed and is already absorbing its yolk sac inside the egg, there is no harm if it is turned or rotated.

Tortstork was recently hosted on the Pondcast by The Turtle Room. I highly suggest watching it, as they go into detail about the whole process. Of course the owner, Randy Betz, is always willing to answer questions or address concerns ([email protected])

Here's the link to the Pondcast if anybody would like to watch.

Tortoise eggs CAN be shipped safely, and hatch and grow. My first "Insta-Hatch" tortoise is now 8 months old. She's thriving beautifully and is absolutely solid. So there's plenty of proof and evidence that this program works. I highly recommend giving it a try! You won't be disappointed!

Here are some pics of my "Insta-Hatch" eggs:

Tortstork Insta-Hatch Egg #1, shipped July 30, 2018. Delivered July 31, 2018. Hatched July 31, 2018. Testudo horsfieldii

Tortstork Insta-Hatch Egg #44, shipped March 26, 2019. Delivered March 27, 2019. Hatched March 29, 2019. Testudo graeca marokkensis VideoCapture_20180731-161457.jpeg 20180801_161901.jpeg 20190331_134353.jpeg 20190331_134336.jpeg 20190329_065256.jpeg IMG_20190331_080207.jpeg IMG_20190331_181804.jpeg