Trying to hibernate, DT's wont stop pooping


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Sep 5, 2021
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I have 3, 2 year old desert tortoises. I've been following the guides here and slowly cooling them down. When I saw their appetites really taper off a few weeks ago I removed food, kept heat, and started trying to clear their guts with daily soaking. I removed heat about a week ago, my garage is high 60's in the day and low 60's at night right now. It will drop to and stay between 50-60 very soon until the spring.

I've been continuing to soak them every few days and they just keep pooping. They pooped all through the tapering process, but now that they're going into their 4th week without food, they're still pooping, it's small(er) amounts, but it's still there. I should continue to keep them relatively warm until their guts are completely clear right?

They seem healthy, I gave them water again last night after a few days without. They were groggy but all drank and acted alert, or as alert as they can be at 60 degrees.

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