Turtle swam sideways and what I did to help him.


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Dec 10, 2020
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So my red eared slider Leo was gasping for air, he was swimming sideways and was basking a lot more than usual. I got really worried because he started eating less, and wouldn't follow me in his tank when he saw me. I looked it up and apparently he had pneumonia, which I believe he did because I haven't been able to buy him a heater nor a filter. And the house is cold, so that led his water to be colder than normal, which is what got him sick. (I'm new to this) So I started looking up for how I could help him, it all led to me having to find a vet near me. Because apparently there was nothing else to do, when a turtle has pneumonia it should be checked out by a vet. "there's no other alternative" But I don't have money to pay one so what I did was get him a source of Vitamin A. My mom has diabetes and she takes a pill, it smells like fish. I took Leo out his tank and put him into a smaller in closure and put in less water. I sprayed some of the Vitamin A from my moms pill onto his head and into the water. Then I put him outside, directly in the sun for atleast 8 hours a day for a week. And now he is fully recovered and has been eating normally like he did before he got sick. Which I'm very happy about and wanted to share. Our pets don't always need a vet to prescribe them a medication, sometimes all you need is the sun. Leo is now happily swimming normally and I'm going to get him his heater and filter for Christmas!


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Dec 6, 2020
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There is always a moment when we feel proud and happy for our turtles and tortoises. They really are fascinating and loving creatures. I couldn't ask for anything better than Franklin. He feels like a brother to me now :D