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I have seen and mentioned that the possibility of doing some tortoise tutorials. I plan on doing this also, and other tutorial videos that are reptile related on youtube for people to watch and learn. I would love the tortoise forum community to subscribe to me and be my following when i start this (which is soon!). I also plan on having some vets and zookeepers hopefully do some tutorials with me. I would love some other peoples help and care information for my videos. I plan on having one of the best tortoise tutorials possible and I need everyones help! I myself do youtube videos and tutorials with my friend, and currently have 250,000 subscribers. I want to branch off and do what my passion is, which is reptile keeping and husbandry.I want people to enjoy and trust my videos also so here is some of my background. I currently have my associates degree in applied sciences focused on animal management and zookeeping, Ive also worked at zoo's focusing on reptile and amphibian keeping and husbandry, and Ive also kept reptiles and amhpibians all my life. So if everyone would subscribe to my youtube channel, my name on there is jobeanator, also i have social media sites to connect, which my name on google+ and twitter and facebook are joby wasilenko and i would LOVE everyone to join to chat, share ideas, etc. Send me a message on here if your interested in this with me, I want to do this for people interested in tortoise keeping and need information! thank you!
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