Two High White Cherry Head Tortoises

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Dec 20, 2015
I am looking to re-home our two cherry head torts. They both are super bright red in color and have tons of white on their shells.

We have had them since they were only a few weeks old and they are about 6 years old now. Both have a super unique personality and they like attention. (Attention = Food!) They must be re-homed together. I believe one is M and the other F but can only confirm that one is a M based on him showing the other his business end on occasion.

Currently, we are in a small apartment and do not have the space for the large 4' x 4' enclosure that is currently stored in the garage. The enclosure is one of those pet rabbit displays from the pet store that has been cleaned and refinished. At the moment they are in a temporary Zoo Med wood enclosure. We hate to re-home them but unfortunately with COVID, purchasing a house to move them into the larger glass enclosure is not in the near future. I feel terrible leaving them in the wood enclosure any longer because they have out grown it in less than 1 year.

Looking to sell both torts as a package for $350. This includes the Zoo Med enclosure, heat lamps, extra bulbs, water dish, food dish and anything else I can find laying around.
The large 4'x4' enclosure is available for $400. If you purchase everything I can come down to an even $700. I am located in Columbus, Ohio area. If you want the large enclosure, you will need a trailer. If you want more information just message me.

The pictures posted with this listing are from April 2019. They have grown a significant amount since. I am going to give them a bath tonight and post updated photo's and pictures of both enclosures.

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