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Two six month AmeriCorps member husbandry positions

Discussion in 'Sea turtles' started by Cowboy_Ken, Oct 31, 2015.

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  1. Cowboy_Ken

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    Two six month AmeriCorps member husbandry positions starting February 29th 2016 through August 31st 2016. Deadline for applications is November 30th 2015.

    Husbandry Member, Georgia Sea Turtle Center
    Jekyll Island, GA

    Duration of Program: February 29, 2016 –August 31, 2016 (2 positions)

    The GSTC is a state-of-the-art facility providing medical care to sick and injured sea turtles and many other species of native coastal wildlife (birds, snakes, alligators and all chelonians). The center rehabilitates threatened and endangered sea turtles with a variety of conditions including but not limited to boat strike trauma, cold stunning, fisheries interaction and disease (debilitated turtle syndrome, fibropapilomatosis, etc.). Through wildlife rehabilitation, research and education programs, the GSTC increases awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, promotes responsibility for ecosystem health and empowers individuals to act locally, regionally and globally to protect the environment.

    Position Description and Essential Functions: The GSTC Husbandry Member responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

    I. Conduct all aspects of turtle husbandry
    • Tank and filtration maintenance, diet preparation, feeding and behavioral observation, laundry, facility maintenance, and other projects as needed
    • Complete feeding logs and daily husbandry reports and report any behavioral abnormalities or changes in daily routine to veterinary staff.

    II. Assist full time staff with turtle treatments and diagnostic evaluations as needed.
    • Animal restraint for bandage changes, blood draws, tube feeding, radiographs
    etc. (wearing waders and entering tanks may be required)
    • Preparing treatment supplies
    • Record data and notes as needed, during entrance exams and treatments
    • Regularly weigh patients based on their treatment schedule.
    • Participate in diamondback terrapin road mortality project.

    III. Public Education and Awareness
    • Work alongside husbandry volunteers throughout the day.
    • Interaction with the public - answering questions from public on walkway while performing daily tasks.
    • Conduct veterinary education programs
    • Participate in behind the scenes tours

    IV. Assist with various research projects
    • Debilitated sea turtle study
    • Diamondback Terrapin Patrols and population assessment
    • Loggerhead nutrition study.
    • DBT egg incubation and hatchery study
    • Other field projects as coordinated

    V. Assist with other departments at the GSTC as needed and as time allows (exhibits, outreach programs).
    • Potentially participate in outreach events or school groups.
    • Participate in monthly focus classes

    VI. Member project:
    • Each member will be required to complete an individual project that will demonstrate what they have learned throughout their experience with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

    Specifics: Service conditions include long hours, including holidays and weekends. Must be able to lift a minimum of 40lbs, and withstand extreme heat/cold working environments. Service will include cleaning the tanks, laundry, food prep, feedings, and assisting with treatments as needed. Also will need to be available to come in during evening hours and perform various medical tasks (i.e. feeding, checking vital signs, administering medications, etc)

    General Requirements:
    • Excellent communication and writing skills
    • Strong public speaking skills
    • Well-organized
    • Self-motivated and able to work independently and with a team
    • Basic computer skills
    • A desire to learn
    • Flexible daily schedule
    • Positive attitude

    Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:
    • 18+ yrs of age
    • Current undergraduate student or recent graduate
    • Prior experience with animal husbandry or B.S. in biological sciences
    • U.S Citizen
    • Ability to obtain a U.S. driver’s license

    Benefits/Costs: Stipend, island amenities, education award and student loan deferment. Housing available.

    Housing: On-site shared house with utilities available for $190 a month, including basic utilities. $100 ($50 refundable) security deposit required upon arrival. Houses have air conditioning/heat and are equipped with basic furniture and kitchen supplies. You must provide your own linens, towels, & food. Not provided by employer but available: telephone, cable, and Internet (however there is free wireless available at various locations on JI). Temporary Jekyll Island parking pass will be supplied.

    *Travel and transportation costs will not be covered by GSTC
    *Essential functions need to be able to be performed with or without reasonable accommodations.

    Interested applicants should apply at
    Please have 3 references email separate letters of recommendation to: Michelle Kaylor, Rehabilitation Coordinator at [email protected]

    *No phone calls please

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