Update on TankGirl and Embers

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May 17, 2017
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I know I haven't been here for ages, but life happens, and when there is nothing new, then, well, you tend to forget to post anything.
Anyway... TankGirl was just misserable. She turned the water dish over time and time again, so I removed it. If I hadn't, she would have smashed the tank into little glass fragments, I'm sure. I consentrated on making sure she got regular baths and so on, not that it made her happy, but at least she was well hydrated. She didn't want to stay in the tank, but once outside, all she wanted to do, was to find a spot to sleep in. She was too big and too unhappy for me to keep her, so I ended up selling her to someone who wanted her. I think it was the best I could do for her. I hope she is happy now.

Embers, the smaller one, got "himself" an upgrade, moving into TankGirls old tank. I put the water dish back and he uses it frequently. He is a lot more content and happy. When out, he explores, even wisiting me on the loo trying to eat my knickers. Apparently, purple is also edible, as are small white pinky toes, or whippet paws. I think we're lucky, he isn't a snapper.
When I take him out in the garden, he will find something to nibble on, like clover or dandelion or even grass. He explores freely instead of looking for the best hiding spot.

I miss TankGirl, but Embers is everything I ever wanted in a tortoise. I will eventually have to sell him too, but hopefully we will have a lot more time together before he gets too big.

If it isn't late at night, he will come and say hello to see if there is anything for him to nibble on, or if he will get a bit of exercise time. He never seem dissapointed if all I do is say Hi to him.

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