Veiled Chameleon in south Florida for sale

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Jul 16, 2014
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South Eastern Florida (U.S.A.)/Rock Hill S.C.
I have a 2/3 grown male Veiled Chameleon.
He is healthy and eating well.
I was gifted this animal a few months ago. And I'd like to pass him on to another good home.
He is missing two nails on his right front foot. But it's not noticable. And doesn't much affect the cham. He also had mild burns. That have 100% healed now. He looks great.
I have 2 inside and 2 outdoors cages for 3 Chameleons, and this 3rd cham is making things difficult.
Chameleon keeping is what I would call an intermediate/advanced level pet that require special care to thrive.
Please only people with past experience inquire.
He will be re homed with no cage and no lights or equipment.
(You'll need a screen aviary, T5 HO lighting, heat lamp and a misting system or device at a minimum.)
He can also live outdoors most of the year locally.
I am in southwest Florida. Central Broward county. Area code 33322.
PM me for details and a photo.
I'm unable to load a photo here.
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