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What A Wonderful Life!


New Member
Jan 1, 2017
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Las Vegas, NV
The first 24 hours with this little tortoise have been so wonderful and fulfilling! With so many thanks to all of you on this forum. Without this website, I would have been a hugely stressed and unable to enjoy this new addition. Thank you all so incredibly much for providing all of this information and advice in one place. My tortoise (who has no name yet) loves his outdoor enclosure- very social and curious! It likes to watch the cars go by, the portable outdoor enclosure gives him (or her) a view of my neighborhood. Also seems to be keen on me and watches where I'm going too.

Thank you all again!

(Just fell asleep after a lot of marching around the perimeter :) )

ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1493321427.195998.jpg


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Mar 17, 2017
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Western Maine
So happy you got him! Do you have kids and a family helping out? I have 3 teenagers who are super busy, Hermie was kind of a novelty at first. Now they don't pay much attention. I got her with the intent of her being mine anyway. I think as they get a little older and get over the teenage stuff they may show more interest. I told my son he may have hermie some day and he looked at me like I was crazy! I said keenan it'll be like when you're 40, not 5 years from now!