What Boy Scouts Can Learn from Girl Scouts

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Terry Allan Hall

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Apr 21, 2010
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Tillasaurus said:
expo tort said:
I don't support the gay exclusion but don't put down the mormon church and people their people their just supporting there interpretation of the bible but you must remember the catholic and christian churches which have boy scout troops are excluding too. And any way the courts said that they were considered a private organization which means they can chose to deny membership to anyone. Also this is like companies not hiring felons because of their record. I do go to a boy scout troop in an lds church so I am a little bias.


Seems to me that if you exclude felons, who've done their time, from the work force, you're simply improving the odds that they'll be forced to go back to a life of crime...

Fortunately, when I made my mistake, about 30 years ago, I was lucky enough to find employment afterwards w/ a gentleman who didn't just talk the Jesus talk, he walked it, as well, by hiring primarily ex-offenders who wanted a 2nd chance to do the right thing.

And when I later needed a new job, after he retired and shut down the business, he was good enough to write up VERY good letters of referral not just for me, but for every one of his former employees.

Had it not been for him, I might never've gotten my 2nd chance.


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Jun 1, 2012
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Terry Allan Hall said:
Where did you get the idea that all Buddhist are atheists? Most are actually not, at all. Same way w/ Hindus, in that they consider all gods/goddesses to be manifestations of One God.

Both are faiths that most mono-theists never bother to learn much about, relying instead on what someone else, who knows nothing more than they, themselves, do, tells them to think.

But that's another debate.

In Buddhism, the belief in a god is not part of the religion. If you choose to have one, that's up to you. However, the idea of classic Buddhism is to lose all ties, and your ties to a higher power would ultimately be one that the Buddha claims you need to rid yourself of before you can reach Nirvana. Tibetan monks and Mahayana buddhists do not follow the classical teachings of the Buddha, and I am neither of those, so I can't tell you much about them. I am more Theravada.

In instances where people believe in god, Jesus, etc. and also claim to be Buddhist, they generally see Buddhism more as a philosophy than a religion. It can be either.

When I said that Hindus don't believe in "god", I meant they don't worship Yahweh. They worship Brahma and all of his reincarnations, and whether or not Brahma is the ultimate god, or a spiritual essence, all depends on which Hindu you talk to. Most of the time, though, it's the latter, and Brahma literally means "everything". Everyone is a reincarnation of Brahma, everything is, too. The "afterlife" is actually just your spiritual essence rejoining with the whole essence of Brahma, because that is where it came from originally.

The way that this particular article made it sound, a belief in the Abrahamic god is essential in the BSA. I am just basing this off of the article since I know very little about the BSA, and I certainly don't claim to know more.
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