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Jun 30, 2013
Check out the new page I created @RadiatedT ! It's dedicated to Radiated Tortoises (plus the GIANT elaborate enclosure I'm going to be building) - care, conservation, diet, supplies, etc. PLEASE - those of you interested in tortoises and especially owners of Radiata - check it out!! (I could also use some helpful tips, considering I will be acquiring my first hatchling in a few years!) Also, if you would like, please post some pictures below to be shared on the Twitter page! :) ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861515.561861.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861526.629364.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861542.114382.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861556.081735.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861565.582786.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861577.383847.jpgImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861615.636820.jpg ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1413861798.054392.jpg

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