Yard Sale or at least parts of it!

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Jul 30, 2018
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Richmond, VA
I have for sale the following:
A 1 year old sapling fruitless Mulberry about 2 foot tall -- $15
A 7 year old fruitless Mulberry tree about 7 foot tall- $100
Three Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) about 2'-3' tall- $10 each
A pothos in ceramic pot -$10
A Opunti Sunburst with a sedum plant- $15

I live in Richmond, VA and am not keen on shipping. Use Bryan Park at 4308 Hermitage Rd. as a meeting point. Let me know if you are interested. The big Mulberry tree will take a minute to dig up so I need some advance notice. Also NO Chemicals were used on the plants so they are ready for use and feeding. I can provide pictures on request since I am on my work computer and it is all crazy kinds of locked down
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