Yellow Ibera & Black Ibera Greeks, cb'12

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Feb 27, 2009
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I have two distinct races of Ibera Greek, Testudo (gracea) ibera babies available:

The Yellow race is from the Southern most extent of the species range in Turkey. As adults they average about 6-7" in size and their yellow coloration make them glow next to "Golden" Greek.
$100 each.

The Black race is from the northern most extent of the species range along the Black Sea coast. These are large, very impressive tortoises as adults and reach 8-10" in size, some even larger. Their contrasting black and yellow coloration is very striking.
$100 each.

This photo shows an example of hatchlings of each race:


I ship via FedEx Overnight. For a shipping cost please send me your zip code. I accept Paypal, credit cards (through Paypal) and money orders.

Please contact me with any questions about the tortoises, their care, shipping or payment.

Thank you,

Gary B
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