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Hi. If you are still looking to rehome your tortoise, please let me know. We are looking for a redfoot and would love to provide a great home for her!
I have a Russian Desert Tortoise if you’d be interested in that?
Hi I saw your post stating you are located in NJ. I am right in Abington, PA. What kind of tortoise do you own?
I have two Eastern Hermans, 1 years old and 9 months old. I keep them indoors.
Question for you, I was told that you have stars? Can you pm me with prices? Pics possibly? Thank you
Hello, I actually do not sell stars. I purchased my Burmese Stars from @Markw84. He has some amazing animals that are well started and cared for, as well as some great closed chambers he makes himself. I would contact him for availability and pricing!
Hey Tom! I was wondering which tortoise hatchlings you have and how shipping works? I was interested in a sulcata but am open to other suggestions. I am from Michigan and am ready for a new baby!
Meet Willy my tortoise!! He is a red foot tortoise. I got him or her in early June 2020 from a friend in Florida that did not want him anymore. I am still not 100% sure if he's a boy, but I am really leaning towards boy!
As of yesterday, he is ~3 inches long (not including his head/neck) and weighs about 2 ounces (56.7 g).
I am trying my best to be a good owner. So please wise me up :)))
If you want to know what it is , check out his it concave? If it is , then it is a might be too young to do that yet. so be patient . post pics we would love to see him/her....
Hi Carol,
I talked to you before about the Russian tortoise. Do you happen to have Sulcata tortoise hatchling available? I have heard wonderful things about you and know you are a quality breeder. I would like to get my hatchling from you even if I have to wait.
Hi Tom. I contacted you a little bit ago about your leopard babies. Have your PPs hatched yet?
I've got a few hatched out. Ready in about a month.
That's great! I'm Janet and I live in IL and I would want one when the weather gets better. I am looking at Marks enclosures and I am wondering which one you would recommend. I am also wondering the price of your babies, shipping, etc.. Is there anywhere I can see pics? [email protected]