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Lucy is dead. She's gone!! Her heat light fell on top of her while I was at work. 😫😩😢😭
I'm just so heartbroken.
I loved her so much!!!!
thank you so much. I took her to the beach and buried her by 3 large tortoise figurines in the sand.:(
Duckster RT
Duckster RT
I just want you to know that you are with ppl here care about you It was an accident and hard I hope you feel better.
So so sorry
I have a Sulcata tortoise 8 months old just got him a month ago. Keeps his eyes shut other than bath and outside in sun. Everyone says something different for humidity. What should it be not sure what to do for him can use any help?
My adult son passed away and now I have three tortoises to rehome. Living in Upper Michigan makes it tough as the largest of the three I now need two hands to pick up. I would love to send to someone living in a warmer climate. Would anyone on this forum have recommendations on how to proceed? I have someone interested in one of the smaller tortoises.
There are large breeders of these tortoises in Arizona and Florida that would probably have the correct outdoors enclosures. I am not sure if the shipping would be worth it for them.
I can look into that too. thank you
If you cant find anyone to take them let me know you can email me if you'd like i have a turtle Rescue, [email protected]
Toddrickfl1 said:

It's the original Mazuri. You can usually get it repackaged on eBay and maybe Amazon. If you have a hard time finding any shoot me a message.

I searched these sites and couldn't find anything ID'd as 5M21. Amazon had something but no ID in their pics or info. Could I get about a pound from you to try out please?
Hello, I live in Simi Valley, CA. I just got a Russian tortoise. Can it burrow under the footing of a block wall? I'm working on making him a nice habitat in my tiny backyard. I'm not too worried about him escaping out the gates as I have made them secure. His name is Gorky. I'm trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. Thank you for allowing me in the group.
Hello! I'm new to this site and I'm trying to find the FAQs as suggested, but I've searched high and low and can't find them. And do I need to introduce myself before posting anything?
Golden Greek Tortoise 567
Golden Greek Tortoise 567
I know I’m not who you messaged to but I couldn’t help but answer 😊. You don’t have to introduce yourself but it is recommended. To find the FAQs, click Forums at the top and scroll down, you should see it.
Jody Martin Rabon
Jody Martin Rabon
Thank you, Golden! I'll do that!
hello, hope this message finds you well.
i notice you live in Doha too.
I'm planning on getting a tortoise as well, did you get yours from the souq waqif? Any tips for a first time tortoise owner here in Qatar?

thank you :)
Hello, hope this message finds you well, just would like to know hows taking care of a tortoise in Qatar? did you get it from the Souq?
Louisiana State law enforcement park ranger studying Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation.

Here to learn as much as I can about my Russian Tortoise "Franklin Morla".
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Ooohhh I almost went with Morla too! ❤
I have a tortoise.. She is about 12 years old. We recently had to move, end of June, and I feel like she isn't adjusting well 😭 Now she seems to be getting skin rot all over her front legs. We lived at the old house 6 years. She made her summer burrow and winter burrow. Here she was reluctant, kept trying to come inside the doggy door. I made her a burrow to stay cool here. Help
Hello, I just ordered a “cherryhead” red foot from tortoise town, in case for some reason the baby doesn’t make it, how can I find breeders on this forum that I can actually trust??
Hi Tom! I was wondering if you have any female eastern hermann's tortoises? Preferably hatchling or juvenile. Thank you!
Thanks for asking. Unfortunately hermanni is a species I really like and want to work with, but I don't have any currently.