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Hi Bill!

I’m interested in purchasing a radiated tortoise and I’ve been reading you’re the person to talk to for a well started one. Also interested in reading your care sheets. Can you please email me at [email protected]

thank you!
Hi Bill,
I've searched the forum and internet and it seems most people end up getting it via email or private message. My first well started hatchlings arrive next month and while I'm feeling confident and ready to care for this species, I'd love to receive and read up on your specific care sheet for radiateds - hatchlings specifically.

Thank you in advance!

[email protected]
I have two Egyptian Tortoises. Both are adults and I believe they are both female. They are approximately 30 - 40 yrs old and are in good health. I am looking to get $2500 obo for the pair. If you want pictures it would be way easier for me if you could email me at [email protected]. Let me know via email if you have questions and want pictures.

-Ryan Webb
I know I am terrible at posting but with the weather getting a little better I wanted to post a 3 month update. Sulcata's Sully and Flash are doing great. Have Quadrupled in size. Care has been relatively simple. Soaks 3-5 times a week. Diet consists of a variety of collards, dandelions, yellow squash , spring mix vegetables, and zucchini. They don't seem to appreciate any store bought products.
My only stress now is finding a suitable outdoor run that I can either buy or build. Most of the wooden ones won't survive the Florida humidity.
Hi I'm new on here I got lightning in Oct he's a read foot tortoise 2 yo I'm trying to find out about how much he should weigh I just weighed him it was 11.3oz is that way under weight?
Cannot wait for this winter to be over! excited for the spring, have big plans for my Gibby this year!
Hey! When I handle my tortoise he stretches his neck out. Is this is sign to put him down? When he does I usually pet his neck and/or top of his head. Thank you! Happy Torting! :tort::<3:
Hi! I've had my tortoise, Carlos, for three days, (I'm still trying to figure out the breed, haha, Carlos is my first reptile) and he seems to have a really small amount of a white powdery substance around his eye. Should I soak him in water? Thank you so much! Happy Torting! :tort::<3:
Hi new here :)
I have a baby russian tortoise, iv had her for 3 days and she is not eating and burying herself and sleeping all day on cooler side, does this mean she is to hot or cold? read lots of conflicting things :( please help her hot side is 85 fahrenheit witch is what the pet shop told us to have it on ?
iv put the temp up to 90 fahrenheit as told on here that will help, but still she is not eating and burying self on cooler side and doesnt come out at all, very worried, please help
Taco popped out to check the weather!!
21 degrees here ( in the shade!) much warmer in the sun.
Should I bring my baby inside??
So Donut is better and eating, found out the squeaking wasnt from him but from some birds right outside my window lol. Now that I have had Donut for a week. I'm not freaking out as much and getting into a routine.
Hi, tortoise friends!I have a hermans tortoise that I let out of his inclosure to wander the house a lot when the weather is not tortoise friendly outside. I bought a norfolk island pine, and now every time I let him out he goes strait to the plant and goes around it in circles for hours at a time. I have other potted plants that sit on the floor but this is the only one he does this to. Any ideas?
Hello everyone,
So I adopted a Russian tortoise about 2 and a half weeks ago. Since I have gotten him, he hasn't ate anything, I've tried romaine lettuce, tortoise pellets, soft food, even strawberries to try to start up his appetite. Ive been trying to regulate his temps and the temps are correct. all he wants to do is burry himself. I take him out and put him directly in front of his food and he still won't eat.
Lil Henry
Lil Henry
He might be dehydrated or coming out of hibernation if he was in. You should try to bath him get him hydrated. If he just came out of hibernation he will most likely not be interested in food. If he continues to not eat I would go to a vet. He could die if he doesn’t eat.