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    I love your baby!!!!❤️

    I love your baby!!!!❤️
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    Tortoise enclosure area

    Here’s some pics of my closed chamber enclosures that I recently got from @Markw84 . I had a table top before with a greenhouse cover on it and was better than no top at all but these closed chambers are amazing at keeping heat and humidity in and the torts happy!! Best purchase I’ve ever made...
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    Kiki finally moves in!

    That’s a very cool and beachy house!!! Love it!!! She’s got it made!!! ❤️?❤️
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    New Enclosure

    Looks awesome!!!!?❤️?
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Awww!! Thank you Tom!!! You guys have all helped me understand the complexity of tortoise keeping!! It should definitely not be entered into lightly!! They take a lot of time, money and commitment to do it right!! I just want to make sure their little lives are as good and long as possible!! I...
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Thank you so much!!! ?
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Thank you so much!!? I have a small house so that was the only place to put it. I have a 125 gallon tank with a separate dry dock tank on top for my red eared slider that takes up a complete wall too!! I’m surrounded by turtles LOL!! ???
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Thank you so much!!! ?
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Ha ha ha!!! You scared me at first!!! Thank you so much!!!❤️??❤️
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    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to show off my two new enclosures that were made by @Markw84 . I needed to separate my 2 year old Eastern Hermann’s, Tikki and Tavi. It was definitely time to give them each their own place. Mark did an amazing job and I can’t say enough about these awesome...
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    My tortoise has buried himself over 8 feet deep

    Awww! ??? I am so so sorry for your loss. That’s just awful. So very sad to lose a family member, especially one that’s been with you so long. Big hugs. ❤️
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    So glad you found your baby!!!! Whew!!! :)
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    HELP EMERGENCY (skin shedding)

    Also, I don’t know if you feed your turtle in the tank but it’s best to have a separate feeding container so that you don’t have so much debris to begin with. I have a huge food grade plastic basket from Amazon that I feed Talulah in each morning. She eats and then poops in there (not in her...
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    HELP EMERGENCY (skin shedding)

    Did your power go out? It almost looks like the build up debris from your tubing poured out into the tank. Or if you just cleaned the filter and then turned the power back on. I have a red eared slider that does shed more during growth spurts but that just looks like tubing gunk.