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Tom lost my account info but I was suppose to get some Burmese pics from you a month ago until now have had no way to get in Touch ID still like to see what’s available thanks Mike I
Need HELP!
MY 1 YR OLD TORTOISE GOT BIT BY MY YOORKIE POO …has two puncture wounds one on top shell one on button.
she will not walk now, can move and retracted legs but will not walk with them.
what should i do?
@Yvonne G I am so sorry you haven't had any response yet. This thread is not in the right place. Hopefully the moderator can switch it over.

Is there any way you can post some photos for us?
Did you see my reply to you from Monday regarding Radiated Tortoise breeders in GA? Look in your conversations.

It looks as though you haven't been back here since you asked me the question, so I guess you haven't seen my reply.

Bill Z