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Hi asking a little advice.reasonably new to owning a horsefield tortoise which we have kept indoors for the last three months while owing it.
Not sure how old was told about a year old when we bought it.
My question is whilst indoors she I(I think) seems to spend a lot of time in the inner part of her table and only comes out for food or if she hears us.
Today I put the table outside and she has been outside of the i
Hi Carol,

I’m interested in a Russian Tortoise hatchling. I’d love to chat with you about owning one. Wondering when the next available batch will be! Thanks
Hi, I just got a red foot yesterday from a local pet shop. He actually still had a yolk sack last week.
This is my first tortoise, the guy at the pet shop told me just to put paper towels on the bottom of a glass cage for right now and not have a water dish in there but to take him out once or twice a week to soak him for 10 minutes. He said not to mist his tank right now. Can you help?
I had a question about snapdragons, everywhere I read it says there’s no known hazards and is safe to feed as a varied diet, I just want to be 100% sure before feeding to my sulcata. Has anyone fed there’s snapdragon leaves or even flowers?
Ruszian Tortoise
Ruszian Tortoise
People don't really check other's profile statuses (except me 😁). You should probably make a post.
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Definetly didn’t think about that thank you☺
Viola B
Viola B
I feed my Russian snapdragons. They are safe to eat.
Hello i new here and i dont know much about Tortoises. I only made this account because our female laid eggs and we have a male with her so i assume they're fertilized. we had originally planned to keep and help the eggs but now we cant. :( If anyone near Pomona, CA would like some eggs to hopefully have some tortoises soon please reply. :)
jadie G
Im sorry they’re red eared sliders if anyone is still interested. I know I’m probably in the wrong forum but I can’t find any other
Ruszian Tortoise
Ruszian Tortoise
It's okay. I think this forum is for many species of both tortoise and turtle... So your species is probably covered here. The first thing you should do is make a real post if you haven't already. If you don't know how, you can reply to this and ask me. :)