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Hi Tom, my aldabra really likes black eyed peas. Is it best to feed them raw or boil them first?
That is not a good food for them. Legumes are too high in protein to be a large percentage of the diet. What size tortoise? Where are you? What percentage of the diet are you making the peas? I don't think it matters much if you feed them raw or boiled.
hi, good evening sir.. Would you mind to drop me your email address or contact number?
I'm interested to import 500 heads of aldabra babies for wholesale. Thank you
Hi TFO members. Am a new tortoise mom, after acquiring a 3-month old sulcata tortoise last month. I have learned so much about caring for my baby sulcata, just by reading the exchanges. Am looking forward to learning how to address concerns in raising tortoises, especially from those living in tropical areas.