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Temporary enclosure for a week away?

I currently have my 5” red foot in a 40gl terrarium (the largest I could find) but will be away from home for a week. Can I get a smaller enclosure like a rabbit cage to transport and keep him in while gone? Will this likely stress him out? I really don’t want to show up at relatives with an enormous heavy tank.
Lyn W
Lyn W
No tort sitter available to go to your home and care for him? That would be less stressful for him.
Failing that a plastic tote similar in size and set up.
Maybe phone ahead and ask if they'd mind - he'll also need his lamps won't he?

Can someone help. I have a Sulcato Tortoise, Sully, who I believe is around 4 years old. We live in the UK
Sully has been well up until today, she is suddenly not able to walk we cannot work out if it is her back legs or front legs. She is weeing fine and is also eating, when we place food in front of her
Lyn W
Lyn W
HI Ruth. I have copied your message onto the Health section of the main Forum under 'Urgent help need for new UK member' to see if I can get you some help. Not many people look at profile posts and text is limited
Can you go there and add some photos of his enclosure and the lamps you are using so members can see of there's anything affecting him.
Does he have calcium and UVB?