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Hi Kingsley , Tom had mentioned on the tortoise forum you might have some Indian stars, looking for some females. If you possibly have some I would be very interested.

Hi, I would like to buy some radiated tortoises, I have got a large backyard with a shed for shade and will feed these tortoises mixed vegetables including few carrots from time to time, romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, and cactus pads from time to time. Please reply to me if interested, Thank you!!!
Hi Tom,
I've been wanting a radiated tortoise and I live in Cali. Do you have any breeder you would recommend?
thank you

Hi Zovick, I want to seek advice about radiated tortoises diapause period and hatching some of the questions, convenient to consult
I do not have time to write a narrative on hatching Radiated Tortoise eggs. If you have some specific questions, ask them and I will try to answer them.