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hi again!! i was wondering if you could send me Carol s's contact cause i cant find her account but i have heard she is great.
My son talked me into buying a Central America wood turtle at which time we set up an elaborate out door enclosure next to our pond with fencing & lights. It was in the darn thing for one day & escaped. looked everywhere but three days later we went on vacation. When we returned there was still no sign of it.
But incredibly a week and a half after the origin escape our dog found her right next the fence. We. brought it inside and the first day it seemed ok but now I am pretty sure it has a respiratory infection. What should I do? We have already been through quite the ordeal here and I not sure I am up for an extensive vet bill Should I treat with some of the products online?
Hi, I am new here and I have never had a tortoise and I live in Northern Virginia and I would really like a tortoise that would go outside when possible and I have heard that soil and sand is not good for them so I need some advice.