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I have a Sulcata tortoise 8 months old just got him a month ago. Keeps his eyes shut other than bath and outside in sun. Everyone says something different for humidity. What should it be not sure what to do for him can use any help?
My adult son passed away and now I have three tortoises to rehome. Living in Upper Michigan makes it tough as the largest of the three I now need two hands to pick up. I would love to send to someone living in a warmer climate. Would anyone on this forum have recommendations on how to proceed? I have someone interested in one of the smaller tortoises.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Hoping you find the right answers. :<3:
There are large breeders of these tortoises in Arizona and Florida that would probably have the correct outdoors enclosures. I am not sure if the shipping would be worth it for them.
I can look into that too. thank you