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  • I was told you might be able to help me. I posted pictures on the thread... "few days ago she said she wanted us to look at Tortie because she thought she saw another crack. I am up loading a couple pictures of his shell. I don't see a crack like the last time. And as I was doing some reading on this Forum I am hoping for some help. Thanks in advance."
    How do I send you a picture? I don't even know how you reply with a picture with your message
    Hello I hear you where there person to talk to this will be my first ever redfoot tortoise is 1yr old I just trying to figure out all I need I see so many different things
    The person I got it from said a 40-gallon tote would be fine. I just want to know if all the substrates need lights. Do I need a mister or fogger? Lol Sorry I am new to this
    Hello!! Wondering what will get by a red foot and cherry head mix. It will be one with brilliant color red foot, its will marble, can some eggs become cherry and other normal?? Which will be more dominant?
    Hi, I currently have 3 red foot tortoises & I noticed all individuals have slightly different preference for certain foods. The yearling raised much earlier alone now together with 2 babies of several months doesn't share the same interest for some foods, is it so if tortoises raised together at the beginning will have a common taste of the same?
    Hi. Tom said you could help because you also live in Florida. Do you know any safe place to get a russian turtle? Thank you.
    Hey you. Glad to see someone is still here. I am doing well, hope you are too. Happy Holidaze to you
    So my red foot is doing amazing thanks to your help zero thank you so much I’ll post a picture of him soon
    Happy Christmas to you my friend
    Hi Zeropilot. My name is Kelly and I'm new to the forum. Am I in the right spot to ask you specific questions about the red foot tortoise that we just got for Christmas? I have read some of your posts and if ok, would like to just private message you some questions.
    It's the z50a three speed transmission I have a qa50 basket case they have a 2 speed and smaller wheels
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