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  1. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    I saw my baby poo today !!! I never thought I would be so excited about tortoise poop or any type of poop!!! Lolol I took toms advice He gave me and my torto pooted!!! I'm going to go out and...
  2. Kevn Horton
    what is Mazuri I have never heard of it
  3. Jenna kamenski
    @KaitlovesLeopardTortoise lol everyone on here tries to be....make sure to listen to what he suggests to the T...my baby torque came from him and as you can tell, he/she is thriving and very, very...
  4. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    I already contacted him he awesome thank you!!!! I contacted him after I left you the comment lol you guys are fast!
  5. Jenna kamenski
    @KaitlovesLeopardTortoise I’m not 100% sure on the answers, I’m still in the learning process as well but let me direct you towards @Tom ??

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