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  • Would you happen to have any Sudanese Sulcatas for sale?
    I do...and they range from 6 months to a year...the biggest three weighing between 2 and 3 pounds. Under a pound $250 shipped Over a pound 500 shipped. Discounts for multiples! And MONSTRO! is also available...10 years old...27"...110 pounds...and he be a shipping for him!
    Dean, I just read the article you made called AFRICAN SPURRED TORTOISE (SULCATA) CARE SHEET. I was wondering t=if you could show me a demonstration of what you do with the 2 50 gallon Rubbermaid tubs? That part has me a little confused lol. Thanks!!
    DeanS, Looks like you know a bit about Sulcata's. I have a one year old that is only 2.2 ounces or 62 grams. From everything I am seeing on the forum, that is really really small. Do you have any idea?
    hello Dean
    I am getting a new baby sulcata tortoise and i need some tips from a professional.
    And i have some questions if you do not mind
    What do sulcata tortoises eat ?
    How many times do i feed them ? (baby tortoise)
    Can they eat carrot because i have a carrot garden at the backyard
    how tall do they grow ?
    hello i am a new tortoise owner have a 36lbs boy named fraklin and was wondering if you would chat with me. i am learnign and still have a long way. thankfully he is very forgiving.
    You where pointed out as possibly having experience in transporting large tortoises. I have a sulcata that is approx. 150 lbs and I need to figure out how to get him from CA to SC. All pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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