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    Sorry to read this! Looked at theclic and thought what a lovely tort on good substrate. Hope you find a happy home for him.
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    Feel free to message me if interested, Im located in ashburn, Virginia. I would like to see the set up and environment you would keep him in though!!
  • Bath
    Wow, intresting that he is lighten up so quick.
  • Bath

    This is more what I see and is so different from our darker sulcatas. The growth rings have lightened progressively even though he is young. I read that the darker ones come from where it is cooler (because their darker shells absorb more light to make heat like a dark car...
  • Bath
    I think it depends on how old the top layer of their shell is, it will all lighten over time. The new growth lines are always dark, and i never see older ones with dark color. It can be related with humidity, we keeping them on this forum really humid, so the new growth lines stays fresh and...

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