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  • Hi Chris, I’m in the uk and my son has been badgering me for a pet tortoise for quite some time now :) Your YouTube channel has been so helpful in providing reliable info on all aspects of care and the differences between species so I just wanted to say thank you. We are picking up our 10month old Western Herman at the weekend and thanks to you we feel we can give him/her the best start in their long and gentle life.
    Hello Chris. I have a baby greek and am having trouble with humidity. I read your care guide and I have a question. I have a plastic tote for the enclosure. I plan to drill holes and use the lid at night once lights are out to hold humidity and moisture as per your guide. Question, during the day when lights are back on, I leave the top open and that's ok? I'd love your advice.
    Hi Chris, I am trying to get an Ibera greek tortoise. Do you know where I can get one? I approached several pet shops in Los Angeles and couldn't find any. :(
    Hi Chris I am looking for a pair of adult Hermanns to breed and someone pointed me to you do you know where I can find one in south Florida? Or have it shipped to south Florida
    Hi Chris, it's Patti from the UK.
    My 8 Hermann eggs are now 4 weeks into incubation.
    Still no obvious veins sadly.
    The eggs are continuing to chalk however. The first three are almost completely chalked except for the bottom.
    On candling they look orange.
    I've taken recent photos but can't figure out how to attach them to this post.
    Is it time to switch off the incubator?
    Hi Chris, My Hermann tortoise is 10 months old now and weighs 120g. His length is 8cm. Is this a healthy weight? I have been searching the web for answers but cant seem to find them. Thank you in advance. Carol
    Found a hermanns tortoise that needs re-homing desperately. He/she is approx 6 years old but has a soft shell, he has not been looked after very well. I would like to take him on but I am hoping you could advice me on the best way to care for him please

    Many thanks
    Wellington said you could identify my brother's tortoise for me. I have posted pictures of him, tortoise not brother, on the 'new' forum. Thank you.
    Hi! I was given your name through another member. They told me that you may be near me in Syracuse. I'm looking to learn from a local owner so when it comes time to get mine, I'll be prepared.
    my two new turtles are completely adorable. :) they arrived safe & sound, & have been busy checking out their new digs. i already recommended you to some friends! thanks again!
    Hi. Greetings from dubai. I found a tortoise on the road and took it home. Absolutely no idea what type. Pls help me with this. I gave it some lettuce and greens. And it ate it all. Should i give it more? Can tortoises be overfed? And i cant put it outside yet because i have nothing to keep it safe from cats. Im putting it in a narrow box with newspaper. Pls contact me as soon as possible thank you
    Hey. On the back of your post to me yesterday how were you able to tell my tortoise was a Turkish as opposed to a Tunisian? I only ask because one of my friends is in the same dilemma. They aren't a member of this forum but asked if I could call out the key differences
    Hey,I just had a question.I was hoping you could help me.How can I tell,if my Sulcata is a boy or a girl?
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