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    Why is my box turtle in her water bowl all day and night?

    So since i've brought home my box turtle (who knows what her age is) she only goes in her water bowl, once a day, sometimes not at all. But for the past 2 days, she's been hanging in her water pool all day and night, she has not left once. I am a bit worried. Although, she is still aware of her...
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    Male or Female, what's my age?

    Thank you everyone for your help. Most likely she's a female, she has such a sweet far, she is a sweetheart! I haven't taken a pic of what her plastron yet, I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but I will try to do it soon and post to get more info.
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    Taking a Dip in the Pool

    Thank you for the recommendations. From the looks of it you can't tell but her water bowl is not deep at all, it covers half an inch of her, so she definitely can't drown. However, I do think she needs a bigger bowl. I'm a new turtle owner so I am still learning everyday to see what I can work with.
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    Taking a Dip in the Pool

    Oh you know, just taking a dip in the pool because i'm thirsty GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!!
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    My Cherry Heads are picky eaters. What can I do?

    I'm happy to hear! I have yet to see my turtle drink, i'd love to see that!
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    My Cherry Heads are picky eaters. What can I do?

    when i brought my box turtle home about a month ago, (she's prob over 10yrs old) she was also a picky eater, I would still think she's still picky and only like crunchy leafy greens. Example: Bok Choy & Lettuce, everything other greens so far she would reject. Recently I did another research...
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    Messy eater, I am!

    haha! Joe is a messy eater too!, tooo cute!
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    Messy eater, I am!

    what a messy eater, she just swallowed up a superworm! She is such a character already! She is such a pretty lady, i’m obsessed!
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    Does my tortoise recognize my voice?

    I'm not sure about voice, but that would be nice to know! but for sure face.. My turtle gets very excited when she see's me come home, she starts moving her head around, she knows when is feeding time as well.
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    9 days without eating, help!

    She could be hibernating, or stressed she's in a new environment. I just adopted a box turtle (she's prob over 10yrs old), she wasn't eating for about a week+ not even pooping or peeing, I was worried as well. Turned out she was just stressed and just needed to settle in her new place. Unless...
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    New Desert Tortoise owner from California - hello!

    aw congrats, he/she is a lucky little one!
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    2019 Tortoise Forum Calendar Contest!

    aw I wished to join, too bad I just became a member!
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    Box turtles don't like greens?

    Well good news, my Box Turtle is now eating regularly and pooping! I guess all she needed was to adjust to her new home. I was so happy to see her poop after a week of having her! I almost believed that turtles did not poop, because who knew turtles can hold in their stools for that long! She is...
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    Male or Female, what's my age?

    Will do when I get home!