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    My sulcata baby is acting weird

    Awww, poor baby. In past threads, people have reported good results after changing out their lights. I wanted to comment because my tort’s always had bad aim (from a good breeder and all the correct gear), but he was definitely much more clumsy when he was little. I witnessed the same...
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    Hurricane season 2020 is here

    Isaias looks crazy on the radar this morning. If it continues on track, I’m expecting an uncomfortable day even if it drops back to a TS. Our power grid is awful here, Dorian barely whispered to us on a sunny day last year and we lost power. May all of your veggies stay unwilted 😬
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    Need so tips

    Redfoots should absolutely have cover. They love sticking to the shadows. Fake plants are okay, you can try to plant some live ones (refer to a site called the Tortoise Table to see what’s safe) but they will likely get trampled. Ditch that red light. They are not good for torts and turtles...
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    What substrate should we be using?

    The article actually isn’t too far off, just a bit too doomsday. They do (kind of) recommend the right types of wood. Orchid and cypress barks are resistant to decay but hold humidity well. All of the people that I trust recommend orchid or cypress.
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    Welcome! It is a super cute table, it will be useful in the future for when your child inevitably asks for a snake ;) As a fellow limited space owner, I recommend indoor greenhouse builds. They are cheap and easy to modify! I can’t wait to see more of your red/yellowfoot around the forum!
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    Turtle playpen

    My old cavy has that playpen and hangs out in it for 12 hours 5x a week. When I bought it, it was only 10$ on Amazon, so I didn’t expect it to actually be big enough. I was really surprised. I’ve used it once or twice with my tort during clean ups and he doesn’t realize the mesh is a barrier 😬
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    Dislocated shoulder

    I’ll be the bad guy today! It’s not a breeder thing, it’s a responsible owner thing, that’s why there are hundreds of threads on the topic. Their bonds are different from ours. They look frustrated because they want to settle a fight or breed with the other tortoise that they know is still in...
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    First timer advice!

    Welcome! If you can switch out the heat lamp for a CHE, less lighting will be more comfortable. I recommend popping in on the South American tortoises section and posting a picture of your setup and your temp/humidity. "Table" is kind of a dirty word for some of us, since baby redfoots need...
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    Carbo’s Smile
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    Can tortoises really answer to their name?

    . Opposite here, my redfoot doesn’t seem to hear me. He comes “running” if he sees me, otherwise I have to tap to get his attention. But he responds to my partner’s much deeper voice.
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    Personality between tortoise breeds

    I think Russians are a great species for a pet, most of the ones I’ve met (all adults) have been curious and ready to explore. I myself have a bias for omnivores, but the red foots can get pretty big and require a lot of space if it’s an indoor pet. From my experience, northern red foots are a...
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    Rescue Tortoise - doesn’t like the sun

    Bumping in hope a Mediterranean species expert sees this. They can tell you more about making a garden habitat. Most torts don't like bright light and shouldn't be in direct sunlight. Even cloudy days can provide UVB. Let him hide :) You can enrich his home by giving him even more hiding spots...
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    Got to say hi to the janitors this morning :)

    Sometimes I’ll see a worm tunnel, and the springtails are annoyingly bold, but it always cheers me up when I get to see the shy little rolies! (Dwarf tropical isopods) Hopefully they clear off the food slate before the dinosaur wakes up 😆
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    Should sulcata breeding be regulated?

    I like the critical thinking of this post, but it's a huge gray area. At a city ordinance level, I agree. I'd be down for leash laws for cats, and snitching on people who don't give their female animals a break. At a national level, my country can't even get agricultural regulations right. Just...
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    Just out of curiosity (albino?)

    A lack of pigment is what results in a true albino, partial pigment w/ no pink eyes is called leucism. Being white doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with an animal. The issue with medical conditions in white animals is often attributed to a condition known as the "lethal white" gene...