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  1. Beasty_Artemis

    Bioactive question

    Every once in a long while, I spot a random rolly polly crawling accross the floor. But they are easily retrieved and returned to the table. My floors dont have carpet, though. Whenever I see one on the ground outside, I harvest them for relocation into Arty's table!
  2. Beasty_Artemis

    Help! : Converting to Shower Curtain Enclosure!

    I'm not sure what the word is for describing the frame I've built to hang all of my lights from.... Is it an armature, a scaffold, or just a frame? Whatever!
  3. Beasty_Artemis

    Help! : Converting to Shower Curtain Enclosure!

    So I have been struggling with the conditions of my red footed tortoise table for the entire week! It's really taxing on me..... I had my lights inadequately temporarily taped up to my while I calibrated the temps. But while I had my back turned, the tape came loose and my light descended 2...
  4. Beasty_Artemis

    New rescue

    Oh wow! Poor babies! They dont know just how lucky they are to get rescued by a forum member!!! And I'm going to consider myself lucky to see pics of these rare specimens to boot.
  5. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    Lucky for my sweet baby, I found this forum more than a year before I ordered her! I build her a great table and never question good advice from helping forum members!!! I dont even know how its possible but Artemis has never experienced a shell fungus infection, or ever gotten any signs of an...
  6. Beasty_Artemis

    Need help with my baby hermann

    It looks like he is getting burned under that heat lamp. Is heat 95 too high? I just have 1 red foot. So I'm kind of ignorant.... but that injury looks exactly like what I similarly described: that the heat lamp is too low and could be cooking his closest scutes!
  7. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    Il get my bf to help me post some videos of her where you can clearly hear "the sound"! I hate my new phone! And remember! It is really subtle! But I turned the volume up, and I can hear it just fine. She always makes this noise. Even flushing her sinuses changed nothing. I can recall that...
  8. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

  9. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    Is the video I posted viseable?
  10. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    Is the video I posted viseable?
  11. Beasty_Artemis

    Graeca ibera not drinking!

    I was just going to suggest that you make sure that the heat bulb hasn't died on you. But I guess it was already suggested. Remember, if the heat bulb gives out, it still shines like a normal light bulb, but isn't radiating heat!!! I just experienced that the other day! My red foot suddenly...
  12. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    So, I have asked about this before I believe. But just cannot remember. My 4 year old red foot, Artemis, has always "whistled". When I first received her in the mail as a new hatchling, I dont recall it being quite as striking. But as she has aged , she has continued to develop a more and...
  13. Beasty_Artemis

    Gender neutral name for a Hermanns

    Awesome little one! I named Artemis after a character from the show "Always Sunny In Philadelphia"! But I'm starting to suspect for a LOT of reasons ( too many!) That "she" is going to end up a "he" inevitably. So "Arty" can end up being named after the bad guy from "Batman: Mask of the...
  14. Beasty_Artemis

    Minimal Growth Mystery

    "Some stay stunted forever like the new rude poster who has a 5 year old sulcata that still fits in the palm of his or her hand." Holy #%$&*!!!!! No way!? Is this a real post somewhere? Poor baby...
  15. Beasty_Artemis

    Bio-Active Tables

    Pill bugs are really awesome for cleaning dead plant materials in the substrate, plus tortoises can eat them. But they stick around, and every once in a while, I can spot one randomly wandering Artemis's table. She really never pays them any attention anyway. I occasionally transplant them...