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    I hibernated Tommy for 12 weeks

    Three years ago when I put Tommy into hibernation in the fridge, I had a inside and outside box thermometer and I kept a careful eye on the temperatures. They kept saying the temperature was too high so I kept turning it down, one day, after a particularly sharp frost I went to the fridge for...
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    Thank you
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    Thank you everyone for welcoming me, I will post a picture of Lucky my Hermann’s as soon as I work out how. As I said Tommy is in hibernation this year, he really went off his food and was hiding and sleeping all day so I decided to put him into hibernation. Needless to say I am checking him...
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    I have been reading this website nearly everyday for the last two years. I have an eight year old Horsfield who is currently in hibernation, and a three year old Hermans. They have an 8ft by 4ft enclosure each in my spare room, luckily we have a big spare room, and Tommy my Horsfield has a large...