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    New to the fam

    The hot side of the enclosure reads 90-100 and humidity 90-80, and the cool side reads at 75-90(no higher than 90 degrees) and the humidity reads 55-70...I spray bowser’s environment everyday, and I try to soak everyday or every other day. Also the rocks are not small enough to eat (I most def...
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    New to the fam

    Thanks to everyone for their advice I will b Making a little changes so Bowser can have better environment. I really appreciate all the help and comments ..
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    Any talks of an iPhone app?

    I would like to kno as well
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    New to the fam

    Hello everyone, my name is Tay.. I’m new to the tortoise parenting club, I have a baby sulcata tortoise name “Bowser”. I have had it for a few months(been weighing to keep track of growth) Not sure if it’s a boy or girl tho..... but anywho, I have an open enclosure that I built... I’ll post...