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    Shell rot :(

    I just noticed that my red foot has shell rot, after she seemed out of sorts for two or three days... she had been on Repti-Bark and also some sphagnum, and I think it was too wet. I am going to try her on just Repti-Bark, and dryer than usual, and have just tonight started scrubbing her...
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    How often should a red-foot poop?

    I like the discussion of tortoise poop smells! The only time I really noticed this tort's poop being smelly was one time when she ate a boiled scallop, and her poop smelled fishy. Next time I offered her a scallop, she ignored it, so maybe she didn't like the fishy smell either! Allegra, I am...
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    How often should a red-foot poop?

    cdmay, this is very interesting, and thank you for the info! The day that a friend brought me this tortoise (at work! but she thought I needed a pet) the tortoise pooped copiously on the floor of my office... so perhaps they do poop more when they are handled, or pissed off by changes! Maybe the...
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    How often should a red-foot poop?

    I have had this tortoise a couple months now, and she eats plenty, but she never seems to poop unless I take her out and soak her in a large bowl, which I do every 3 or 4 days. She has her own water pan, and it's a bit warm after the lamp has been on for a while, and she soaks in it, but she...