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    Botanical Treatment for URI Infections

    I have always been one to suggest that people take a box turtle or tortoise to the vet if there's any chance they could have an upper respiratory infection. Last summer I was faced with a very difficult situation– 5 box turtles became ill with upper respiratory infections. The Vet bill for all...
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    Horrors! Trauma! Upside down in water tray!

    Perfect porcelain dish for the hatchling: I searched for this: wasabi dish porcelain and found: Dipping Sauce Dishes, Soy Sauce Dipping Bowls DIMENSIONS: Holds 3 ounces, 3"L x 3"W x 0.8"H (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x 2 cm) I was familiar...
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    Horrors! Trauma! Upside down in water tray!

    I use porcelain or ceramic dishes made for human food which I bought at the dollar store and at crate and barrel. They can be sanitized in the dishwasher. As they are glazed do not absorb water. You can get very shallow dishes made for pasta.
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    I would suggest more time outdoors–all day when weather allows. This is much better for the emotional health of the animal.
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    30 yr old Desert Tortoise sleeping outside for the first time

    The Desert Museum has a great program for adopting Desert tortoises–as I understand you can drop them off there. I think you can also Drop them off at dr. Jim Jarchow's Office at Orange Grove animal hospital which is near I-10 and Orange Grove Road in Tucson. He's a very good reptile...
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    30 yr old Desert Tortoise sleeping outside for the first time

    I'm in Tucson and have a desert tortoise who's four years old. I hibernate him outdoors every winter under the direction of my reptile veterinarian. I had an adult desert tortoise for several years before this one, and hibernated him a outdoors in his burrow with no problems. I also know other...
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    Today is Ciri's Birthday!

    Thanks everybody for your kind wishes!! That's very thoughtful. The turtles/tortoise helped sing happy birthday(after all, my critters are quite a remarkable crew)! And then they happily gobbled down their treats!
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    Tortoise Topper Help

    Forcing a turtle or tortoise to wear a "topper" for more than 5 minutes is a bad idea- too stressful. Mine don't like anything but mud on their shell. We need to remember it's not that easy to be in captivity as it is.
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    I lost a desert tortoise to a poisonous mushroom a few years ago. You are wise to be cautious. What I learned is that to keep mushrooms from showing up, it's important to clear dead plant debris from the ground. When a mushroom does show up, use a trowel dedicated to only mushroom removal as it...
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    Safe wood?

    I would steer clear of anything that says Weathershield since it obviously has been chemically treated in some form. Better to play it safe and not risk your animals getting sick. We are lacking in good scientific research to show what chemicals are safe, and for what species. I've used plain...
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    Today's the day!!!! :-)

    Yeah- We have that paparazzi problem here too!!!
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    Broken/burnt Bulb

    I use a lot of heat bulbs in the winter (not for tortoises or turtles) and this does happen from time to time. I asked a handyman who does electrical work and he said that the glue fails and the bulb comes apart. Of course, if a bulb is situated above a tortoise that is understandably concerning.
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    Penelope is pyramiding and I don't know why!

    It's always difficult to create an indoor environment that's as good as what they can get outdoors. The lights we can use still don't provide all of the benefits that sunlight and fresh air naturally provide. I would suggest lots of time outdoors when it's warm enough, and plenty of...
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    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    One small step for a little tortoise, one big leap for the species! Congratulations!
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    Diatomaceous earth is another non-toxic way to deter them, but it's important that tortoises and turtles or other reptiles don't come into contact with it as they can be injured by it. People here sometimes surround their house with a line of diatomaceous earth. When the scorpion comes into...