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    Holiday issue.

    Hi, I have a one year old Herman. I go away for 10 days in August. I have two options: 1) he stays in his own enclosure. Next door neighbour will come in do food water and lights. 2) he goes to a friend who has his sibling and she will look after him. Will this stress him out though? And would...
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    Getting Concerned

    Aww she was very cute and has been on a holiday. Good luck with finding your new torty baby :)
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    Tortoise still popping after 3 rounds of 3 sets of antibiotic injections

    Hi all, I'm at a bit of a loss. My one yea old Burt starting making these popping and pooffing sounds when breathing when I held him up. I took him to the vets as anew patient and he started treatment of anti biotics 3 injections 3 days apart. We have now been through this process three times...
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    Popping sound when breathing

    Hi I have a one year old Hermann. He is acting normal. Eyes are bright and eating well. He has started making this popping sound when breathing though. What should I do? Does he need to go to the vet? Or is there something I need to look at , at home. Thanks