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    There are no words

    The same thing should be done to the people that did this.
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    I had the very same email, Yvonne, also from an addy I knew, but the phrasing was slightly off (she'd NEVER have said something using that syntax and vocab). So, I reported it, but all that seems to do is make them quit bothering me and move on to the next pigeon.
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    Giant tortoise thought extinct for a century discovered on Galapagos island

    A giant tortoise in the Galápagos Islands that was thought to have gone extinct over a century ago just came out of hiding. Researchers discovered the female tortoise on the Galápagos' Fernandina Island during a joint expedition carried out by the Galápagos National Park Directorate and the...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    I think my male tortoise is dying

    Don't use a plant saucer that has been used for plants because the residue from fertilizers can be bad for the Tortoise.
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    Bondo, James Bondo - RIP

    Awww.... Not ok. {{{hugs}}}
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    65-year-old woman has had pet tortoise 56 years

    Here's a YouTube of it:
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    We should consider a UVB meter as mandatory

    I'm sorry, I don't know what " MBD " means. Please explain.
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    Need to upgrade indoor redfoot tortoise enclosure

    My redfoot has a clear sided enclosure and watches us. She's really very expressive. Because its basically a plastic it will get scratched and become opaque in a couple years, but (a) it will need to be enlarged every once in a while anyhow, and (b) she seems to like being aware of what's...
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    Hey eveyone!

    Welcome. Lots of good info here - explore!
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    Soaking in warm water from the tap?

    Filtered water tends to remove all the trace minerals that living beings need in their diets to make them healthy. Bottled water tends to have : "BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in...
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    Sparkplug broke out of his enclosure and wound up 30 miles away

    A 200-pound tortoise named Sparkplug broke out of his enclosure and wound up 30 miles away from his Alabama home By Scottie Andrew, CNN Updated 10:38 AM ET, Wed October 28, 2020 A beloved African spurred tortoise named Sparkplug made a daring escape from his Alabama enclosure and wound up...
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    A 150-pound runaway tortoise is back home after 74 days on the lam

    Oh great and all-knowing Admins, please feel free to move this to the best spot if this one is wrong. 🐢 A 150-pound runaway tortoise is back home after 74 days on the lam By David Williams, CNN Updated 6:11 PM ET, Sat August 22, 2020 Solomon enjoys a bowl of his favorite foods upon his...
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    But your wonderful story does exist and a link to it everytime you post would make it so much more easy to find. (Re-find?)