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    My Greedy Little Calendar

    That's so cute!
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    Enjoying a walk

    He likes to be pet. He is used to it since people love to pet him when I take him out.
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    4 month old Tazer the Leopard is learning ....

    My sulcata would have just walked off the edge without a care...
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    My baby sulcata

    Cute little tort!
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    Sleeping position

    Bowser slept that way a lot when he was little. When I first got him it would scare me and I would move him a little to make sure he was ok, lol.
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    Enjoying a walk

    Yes! He gets a lot of fans when he goes out. And I enjoy answering all of the questions that people ask about him.
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    Eating rocks

    My sulcata tried to do that also when he was a baby. But once I started giving him a mineral supplement he stopped trying to eat them.
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    Totoise Salad Dressing

    That's a good idea! Love the mixture.
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    Enjoying a walk

    I got a wagon to make it easier when I take Bowser with me to places, and it works great! Recently took him to the local craft festival and walked around with him. Other people had babies in their strollers and I had a tortoise, lol! In February, Bowser will be with us when we attend a walk...
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    Happy Holidays from Alex

    Happy holidays! :tort:
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    Comment by 'drgnfly2265' in media 'Buddy'

    Dawwwwwww!!! Look at that cute face!!!
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    Sage & Dot

    Pretty colors!
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    Tortoise tantrum?

    Bowser gets moody also! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a stubborn tortoise, lol!
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    Awesome news! It's such a relief when they start eating.