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    Need helping gaining weight for a rescue!

    dont worry. he will learn to listen after this tortoise dies from bullying.
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    help, tortoise stopped eating , vomiting and diarrhea

    vet tested the sick one's stool sample in Aug 2020. found nothing. they also did couple x rays and blood sample (blood sample cost $270 !!) . so they found NO blockage, No parasites, white blood cells were bit high so vet prescribed antibiotics injection on arms every 3 days. basically nothing...
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    help, tortoise stopped eating , vomiting and diarrhea

    vomiting is gone. whatever that was, Panacur probably took care of it
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    help, tortoise stopped eating , vomiting and diarrhea

    Update After spending $700+ on vet bills , numerous x rays and antibiotic injections, turns out the vet did nothing but drained out my pocket and stress out the tortoise, turns out it was round worms from another radiata i introduced in july . After discovering live round worms pooped out , i...
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    Hydroponics Specialist?

    from economic stand of point, my suggestion is : 1. Grow Marijuana using your system 2. Sell Marijuana 3. Use the net profit to buy whatever variety and quantity of tortoise food you prefer
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    Breeder: "Tortoises Home" in Las Vegas

    the picture was stolen from some tortoise owner , who probably from Malaysia or Indonesia . the backgroud grass are pretty common in south east asia but probably doesnt exit in US, especially in a desert like Las Vegas
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    Panacur dosing for worms in tortoises (D.I.Y. style)

    . Forgive me I have a very dumb question . did you mean 50mg/kg of 2% liquid solution or 50mg of fenbendazole ? For example , I bought this 10% solution panacur , 100mg/ml . To treat a 1kg tortoise , do I take 0.5ml directly or dilute it to 2% solution and take 50mg of it ? on the bottle it...
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    I may have a problem

    Challenge accepted. I’m at 30 now 😂
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    What kind of parasite it is ?

    found in poop . I doubt it’s a red wriggler consumed by the tortoise
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    What kind of parasite it is ?

    Wtf is this worm? Looks like a piece of thin spaghetti. Found in the poop of a radiata tortoise I bought couple months ago . The shape and texture of the poop looks normal and this tortoise eats like a pig .
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    Baby Red Eared Slider not eating! Need help!

    it is the time of the year when the atmosphere smells like pumpkin spice and newbies posting why their reptile pets stopped eating
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    3-head turtle/turtles

    if its not photoshoped, looks like its/they are a siamese twins within siamese twins. theres a clear line separating the right one and the other 2 on the left dammit, i dont even know if i should use plural or not
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    3-head turtle/turtles

    Saw this/these on social media Not sure if it’s photoshopped . Looks pretty real to me .
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    Tortoise leash and outfits?

    Small Tortoise: tape a balloon Gigantic tortoise : carrot 🥕 on a stick