Fred Savill

Purchased a Redfoot in 2017 from a neighbour that was downsizing to a flat.
They were not sure how old he was but suggested he was 8 years old!
Harry 2 (Harry 1 was a spur thigh that lived with us for about 6 years but was stolen from the back garden)
Harry 2 now measurers 9.25" long by 6.25" wide and weighs 5lb 6.5ozs.
He has free run of fully enclosed garden in summer and kept on tortoise table during winter (which he hates)
He is fed on a varied mixture a fruit and vegetables with his absolute favourite being mushrooms. He also gets a special tortoise feed (which he devours very quickly) occasionally.
I live in Gravesend, Kent. UK which is frequently listed as warmest place in UK, so climate warm but moist.
May 5, 1949 (Age: 73)
Location (City and/or State)
London. UK


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