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    Florida Gopher Tortoise - Egmont Key

    I was fortunate to visit Egmont Key (Tampa Bay Area) over the Memorial Day weekend with my family. We spotted several gopher tortoises on the island and it was beautiful to see them enjoying the day foraging for berries.
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    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    Beautiful group! They sure got big.
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    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    Our Burmese Star enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.
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    Help identifying weeds

    Do not feed Creeping Charlie. It's everywhere in my yard and difficult to eradicate.
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    Male Hermanns needs new home

    Absolutely correct. Purchasing a tortoise is the inexpensive part. Giving it a proper set up and care will cost much more. Some just jump in without much thought.
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    Indian star outdoor enclosures

    I just built this outdoor enclosure for our Burmese Star. He is 4.25”, 550 grams and spends most days outside now. The enclosure is 9’ x 4’
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    Cypress mulch talk, again

    I use coco coir with a cypress mulch top layer for my tortoise. It works great and helps with humidity. I never had any problems.
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    Need outside enclosure ideas for adult star

    I just posted my new outdoor enclosure for our 4.25" burmese star.
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    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    4.25" and 550grams. Rainbow enjoying his/her outdoor enclosure. This is temporary and I'm building a large permanent enclosure with a heated night box for two. Making a big enough outdoor divided pen, so I can get a Leopard or MEE/MEP.
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    Rainbow in his/her outdoor enclosure.
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    4.25" and 550 grams. Enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.
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    Happy National Gopher Tortoise Day!!!!

    I always enjoy seeing them.
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    Burmese Star - Size Difference

    Thank you Tom and Mark. I appreciate the great information.
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    Burmese Star - Size Difference

    Burmese Star tortoises. I was wondering what keepers here have experienced with regards to adult sizes between male and females? Am I correct here: Male Burmese Stars 10-12inches Females 12-15inches
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    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    There is some very slight concavity. I guess we’ll see how it develops over the coming months. I appreciate the replies and information.