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    Looking for Corrugated Culvert Pipe

    I'm looking for plastic corrugated culvert pipe to use in my tortoise enclosure. I can only find long lengths searching the internet. Does anyone have a source sold by the ft?
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    Preparing to get a Burmese Star! Please help me with more care information

    My Burmese Star loves hiding in our Chinese Dwarf Bamboo. Hibiscus is great, especially the Jamaican Roselle Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa). I have several Boston Ferns, which make great hiding/shade spots. Mulberry is great to plant and a good food source.
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    MEP Creep

    MEE is on a very short list for my next tortoise. A little smaller than MEP, which is what I would need. Beautiful and interesting tortoise species.
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    Our Star is here!!!

    Yes, very similar. Shell Saver is coconut and avocado oils.
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    Our Star is here!!!

    I am no expert, but I do have a Burmese Star that is 4 1/2 years old and I’ve raised him from a hatchling. I kept the humidity at 80+% at all times, but he still has some pyramiding. I think a key element is watch the UVB and provide lots of live plants in the enclosure. Plants can provide 100%...
  6. Rambo at 4 y/o

    Rambo at 4 y/o

    Our Burmese Star tortoise is now a little over 4yrs old (hatch date approx 04/2018) and 7 1/2" in length. He is outside full time and loves South Florida Summer. Afternoon rains and he's under his favorite bamboo plant. We renamed him "Rambo" as it fits his personality. Purchased from @Tom
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    Trying to determine my Cherry heads age based on size and weight before moving him outside.

    My Burmese Star tortoise has been outside almost full time since he was 4". When he was 3-4" like yours, I had him in a 10ft x 4ft enclosure with a mesh top, so I didn't have to worry about predators. He is now in a 250SqFt enclosure, no mesh top, and includes two solar power flood lights that...
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    My New Burmese Stars!!!

    Very nice and beautiful tortoises. I should have purchase 3 when I got my baby.
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    Our Star is here!!!

    Beautiful and looks like a perfect environment for him/her.
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    Why Burmese stars from Asia looks so different from US?

    They just look like high yellow variants, very similar to what you see with Radiated Tortoises. That particular locale must have had high yellow Burmese Stars compared to what you normally see. They are beautiful.
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    Introduction To The Burmese Star Tortoise

    I just realized that I've been measuring my tortoise incorrectly. Our Burmese Star is now 7 1/2" and turned 4 y/o in April this year. Is that decent growth for a male?
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    What are you paying for HOME OWNERS insurance?

    I live in Broward county. It is crazy here and I had a hard time finding insurance a couple years ago when I purchased a new home. I found success with USAA. If you're a USAA member or able to become one, I would check their rates. A coworker of mine went through Estrella insurance in Coral...
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    Introduction To The Burmese Star Tortoise

    I do plan to add a couple of adult females in the next year.
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    Introduction To The Burmese Star Tortoise

    He’s a big boy at 10-1/2”. That’s a big female at 12-1/2”. Football has very smooth growth as well. I was keeping my male 70-80% humidity the first couple years and I learned they need 90-100% to stay smooth. Live plants help tremendously and I should have had more in his enclosure. My male...
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    Introduction To The Burmese Star Tortoise

    These are great pictures! This thread includes the best adult Burmese Star photos I've ever come across. "Football" looks huge. Is he 10"?