I've been keeping and breeding tortoises and turtles for over 35 years. Most of that time has been concentrated on northern Testudo species including three Hermann's subspecies, Ibera Greeks, Marginateds & Russians. Over the years I have had the opportunity to have kept (and in some cases have bred) some very amazing species such as: Redfoots, Burmese Browns, Sulcata, Bell's Hingebacks, Spek's Hingebacks, Elongated, Egyptians, Parrot Beak, Speckled Cape & Bowsprit tortoises, As well as several species of American and Asian Box turtles and European and Northern American land and water turtles.
Several babies of various species are born at my place each year from adults that I have had for decades.
I strive to maintain my animals in as natural conditions as possible which is why they spend from early spring to late fall outdoors 24/7. Because of the harsh northern winters here in the Catskills most come indoors in the late fall. But some remain outdoors year round brumating naturally on their own.
I believe that in order for new keepers to be successful and remain in the hobby they should do as much research on the natural habitat and the requirements needed in captivity for the particular species they are keeping. They should seek advice from various experienced keepers in order to decide what will best benefit their tortoise in their particular environment and situation.
There is no one method to keeping tortoises successfully, but there are several that will certainly lead to failure.
Location (City and/or State)
The Catskill Mountains of New York State



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