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    I think Chelóna is Chelóno

    So, Baby Ninja has been “sexed” by my local vet as a female. They are not exotic animal experts. The other day I was pulling her out of her bath and was “scrubbing” her belly with her little toothbrush and she showed me a little surprise… I’ll post the picture… she is only going to be 2 yrs old...
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    I am concerned that Baby Ninja is pyramiding.
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    Thank You! is there like a certain rate I should watch for? Or just any growth each month? Now that it’s warm outside in Upstate NY, I’ve had her outside so she can work for her food lol she actually seems to prefer it over her salads I give her.
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    Hey friends!! So - I am pretty new to the whole tortoise ownership thing and I want Chelóna to be the best and healthiest she can be. Baby Ninja is about 7 months old. I just weighed her for the first time. She was about 124g/4.35oz. I am afraid I am coddling her or feeding her too much :( I...
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    New here!

    Sorry guys it’s been a bit. I work full time in healthcare and with this Pandemic it’s been crazyyyy!! I attached a little collage of baby ninja for all of you!! Princess Chelóna is seriously my pride and joy.
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    New here!

    Hey all!! Decided to register and introduce myself. Ever since I got my little hard-shelled friend I have came to this forum for literally allllll of my concerns. I have a now 6 month old Hermanns Tortoise named Chelóna. That’s how you say Tortoise in Greek. She’s the greatest thing to ever...