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    Is just leaf lettuce okay?

    it shouldnt be clear any plastic box (that's not clear) could be used. im currently using a black tubberware box that i got from target, just cut a hole/opening in the box and you should be good to go
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    Baby sulcata not opening it’s eyes

    just saw the pictures. get rid of the coil bulb in the last pictures. it's burning your tortoise's eyes right now, which causes it to not eat. is the bulb next to your coil/cfl bulb a bulb that provides uvb and heat? i'd replace it with an incandescent floodlight (65w). because you don't know...
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    Baby sulcata not opening it’s eyes

    humidity is important you should definitely get a grow tent for them, its only 90-120 dollars for a pretty big grow tent just flip it on it's side, lay a tarp inside/outside, and hang the lights. you can also buy an enclosure from @Markw84 :) best to separate them ASAP
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    Sulcata or Desert

    no spurs, so definitely not a sulcata try washing the wash with water to get that dirt off
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    I.D. and care info, please.

    1. russian tortoise 2. a tiny bit sure it's female..? not 100% sure so don't expect me to be right 🤣 3. a 65 incandescent bulb will be fine, you should take him outside for uvb for a few hours a week, unless you'd like to invest in a uvb strip light an arcadia t5 uvb strip light/bulb is great...
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    Baby sulcata not opening it’s eyes

    once a week is not enough, daily is best any pictures of the bulbs? the coil bulbs (that are almost always recommended by pet stores) can burn their eyes.
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    EMERGENCY tortoise isn’t eating

    vitamin shots are terrible. the uv bulb you use is probably a cfl bulb. not good for their eyes. remove the bulb ASAP. he won't exactly eat the carrot food, just continue the baby food soaks for now. 40 gallon tanks are also way too small for a RT that size. most vets know close to nothing about...
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    Marginated 1 year old shell health

    he looks okay try taking more pics from different angles can you provide more info? diet? bulbs?
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    Coffee Berries safe?

    " Just keep in mind that coffee fruit contains caffeine. Although the exact amount varies based on the specific product, dosage, and form, most products contain around 5–20 mg of caffeine per serving" might not help but just thought you should know 🤷‍♀️
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    How do I care for my turtle?

    theyre in az, theyve already posted pictures here:
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    HELP - Is it urates or something else?

    those are urates soak him daily, itll help with the hair you should feed him watery foods (cactus, aloe, lettuce, cucumber) for a while to get the hair out faster watery foods tend to have a laxative effect on tortoises
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    like karen said, clamps could be very dangerous you might be better off using a little light stand over the enclosure assuming youre using a tortoise table, is there any way to cover up the enclosure? a simple greenhouse would...
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    New tortoise owner need advice on tortoise food

    repti bark is fine, coco coir mixed with it is great too
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    i just ignore any spring tails. phorid flies are the ones that annoy me the most because they fly spring tails are great because theyll eat old food and poop, i still spot clean daily i use this kind: coco coir is great if your...