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    The 2 females and male. The females were of the same clutch; the male is unrelated. The male is the one with the shed in the background. I’m estimating another 12-16 months before the females are ready, and the male is more than ready. In the past 3 weeks he has escaped twice, both...
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    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    The first of my young group of 4 that I’m able to positively identify, and she’s a personable and boisterous one.
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    No. But I have a friend named Bonnie Lee Staggers......
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    Cuora trifasciata - why so yellow?

    These guys are a blast! All Cuora are, actually, but these guys have tons of personality. Especially the females. They're more aquatic than many other members of the genus, but not as much as aurocapitata.
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    What else tickles your pickle??

    Chicks, man. Chicks........
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    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    Yes ma'am, up until mid-March. I cool them down from then up until the end of May. That is the timeline that has worked for me up here in N Ohio with the other Cuora species that I keep.
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    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    The 2019's have been growing along nicely. They were introduced to pinkies last week and gobbled them up with vigor. They haven't shown any interest yet in fruit or veggies, but that will come in time as they age. They have been quite entertaining to work with thus far. Their personalities are...
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    Question about canister filters

    Another huge Fluval fan here. I use the 200 and 300 series on anything under 50 gals, Anything over 50 gallons I go with the Fluval FX 4's and 6's. They are workhorse tanks and literally almost indestructible.
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    White layer on eyes

    I believe you may be confusing it with Cuora mouhitii (3 Keeled Box turtle / Jagged Shell turtle). This is 1,000% a Mauremys (Chinemys) reevesii.
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    White layer on eyes

    It is a Reeves turtle (Mauremys reevesii). It needs to be in a water environment with a basking area. If you can provide an enclosure that is 80% water and 20% land, that would be great. If not, that's ok too. But you must provide a basking area for it to pull itself out of the water. Based on...
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    Am i ur dream girl?

    So meaty......
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    I'm not the one to ask that question of. I'm old school, and had a hard enough time accepting that there were 3 separate subspecies......
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    It's always a thrill for me to come around the corner in the basement and catch one of them basking under their Powersun. .
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    Come on everybody. Let's all head to Loooziana!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!