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    Redfoot breathing

    Just to get them out the way now I guess average temps are 85 for the whole closed enclosure during the day and 80-83 at night . Humidity ranges from 60-90%
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    Redfoot breathing

    Hi, guys I just took my red foot out of his enclosure to see how he was doing. When I put my ear up to his nostrils I can here a “pft” noise every few seconds like when you breath out through your nose with slightly more force. Also when he’s in his enclosure I see him “yawn” but never seen him...
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    Redfoot tortoise poo weird looking ?

    Hi guys! I have a redfoot tortoise who was bred some point in 2020 and we’ve had him for a few months now - he usually poops normally but today his poop looked like this - the only reasoning I can give is that he usually lifts his bum to poo but decided to do it lying down this time ? any...
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    Tortoise Screech / scream whilst in bath

    Okay thank you :) it just didn’t hear like a nice sound so got worried, thanks.
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    Tortoise Screech / scream whilst in bath

    Hi I’ve had my baby Red foot tortoise for about a month now and recently he’s started screeching / screaming in the bath and retracts into his shell. I do his water warm but not too hot. And only up to the start of his shell. I monitor him throughout the day regularly and I’ve never seen him do...
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    Tortoise Scream, Help.

    Hi guys, I’m a new tortoise owner (Red foot tortoise) I have had him for about 3 weeks. The last two days when I have been soaking him he screams a few times. But I haven’t heard him when he doesn’t soak. He always poops when he soaks (warm water). I’m wandering if he is slightly constipated...