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    Washing tortoise

    I use fingernail brushes from the dollar store. They are bigger than a toothbrush, but just as gentle.
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    Long awaited Introduction

    I never new you breed tortoises. Nice to know. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing
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    Hello from Alberta Canada

    Welcome to the forum. Cute tortoise.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Greetings from New England :)

    @Yvonne G could probably get you a new thread started.
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    Mixed red foot (half cherry/ half northern?)

    It is a pretty tortoise. What's it's name?
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    Farewell Gaia

    I'm so sorry.
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    Yellow bumps

    @Yvonne G can probably move this to your own thread
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    Tortoise Names?

    That is exciting. I try to pick out neutral names.
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    New Tortoise Mom !

    Welcome to the forum.
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    I too am so excited for you. I hope you keep posting pictures of the hatchlings. 😁
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    Species help needed

    Welcome to the forum. Please read the care sheet. Cute Russian tortoise.
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    Tortoise Names?

    What species of turtle or tortoise are you getting?
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    Vit a problem

    @ZEROPILOT might be able to help you
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    HELP kupa xray

    Good luck. Hopefully an expert can help you out soon.