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    How do you build a friendship with your Tort?

    Lotts and lotts of dandelions. ?
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    Hermann owners!

    We were told she was a Russian when we got her but later someone had said a western Herman. Fter I posted i looked at all of the adorable pictures and realized she definitely was not a Herman's ? Russian she is!
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    Hermann owners!

    This is our Gamera (named from Godzilla). Our vet put her about 4-5 years and is 1 lb 1oz or 16.5 grams. Weve had her about a year.
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    I love taco and opal. BUT Tortillini is our nick name for our Russian Gamera
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    Help! (need help with diet)

    When foraging, someone recommended to me leaf snap and the tortoise table apps to help identify plants that are good. You can even use it in markets to help identify more variety!
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    The MOST intelligent reptile I’ve seen

    This is so funny and true. They are so crazy smart! Our Gamera knows that dad will give her 'treats' when he comes home from work. Even if its just to hand feed her greens. It doseny matter when he comes home shes right up and out on top of her log looking for him!
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    Sharing my elf and torts introductions

    For anyone who needs a laugh. Our elf Snowflake came back and my daughter was super worries she wouldn't get along with or be afraid of Gamera our RT. The next morning we found Snowflake in the cage! Today we woke up to find her fishing. My daughter thinks she wants to catch her to ride her. ???
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    Dry tort?

    We will start soaking more. We do mist but we're concerned the humidity was 80% for a while during the fall but has dropped with winter. We use coconut bark and soil mix about 3" deep. She has a hide but pushes out all the soil after we mist it before bed. For lights we use exoterra solar glow...
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    Dry tort?

    Hello all! I have noticed that in the last month sense the heat came on Gamera is looking dry. It was just her shell but now her legs. We soak about every week, offer water, and mist her food occasionally. I had seen someone mention coconut oil. Any suggestions? Should we soak more? She did...
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    Looking into Re-homing options for a 3 year old female Russian.

    My husband and I would be interested as well. We have a little girl too and she is always out with us after work and on our days off. We hve a huge lawn our human daughter goes out in and "walks" Gamera. **image for adorableness!
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    New Tortoise not drinking or eating/ lethargic

    I am also a new ish owner but when we brought home our Gamera she did the same. We were recommended to provide a good hide so she would feel secure and try not to interact with her much. Tortoise do not do well with change and can take a few weeks to feel secure again. Gamera was a few months...