My name is Kimberley and my five year old Horsfield is Tim, Timmie aka little hooligan. I have Timmie since January and he's a rescue. He's had a bad life, he was bred in the Netherlands in 2015 where I'm from and sold to people who kept him in horrible conditions. He lived in 12 inch by 12 inch tub, no water, no soaks, no uvb and a basking lamp, so always scorching hot. He was then given up in 2019, rehabilitated and then I adopted him. He looks pretty good when you consider the lack of everything. He is great little dude, he's 4.5 inches and weighs 410 grams.

He has an indoor enclosure that's 2,5 ft by 6,7 ft and outdoor with heated greenhouse that's 6.2 by 6 ft. I grow all his food myself, 3 types of testudo mix, pansies, geranium, campanula, calendula, echinacea, lambslettuce, sow thistle, dandelions. Very rewarding to do😀

I grew up with a testudo graeca graeca, he was bought for a few dollars in 1925 by my grandfather who was 8. He lived through the depression, wwo 2, and came to live with my mom and us in 1985. He died in 2011, his name was Peter, little pete🐢😊
June 12
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The Netherlands



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